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There are several cycling routes around Hévíz, here are some examples:

Hévíz → Nemesbük → Kehidakustány → Szentgyörgyvár → Alsópáhok → Hévíz
Distance: 20 km
Difficulty information: Long and moderately steep uphills

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Csóka kő → Rezi → Cserszegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 22 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty, one or two fairly steep uphills

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Rezi → Rezi Castle → Cserszegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 28 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty, the bicycle is to be pushed on a section of 400 m up to the castle

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Zalaszántó → Sztupa → Zalaszántó → Cserszsegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 36 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty, one or two fairly steep uphills

Hévíz → Keszthely → Gyenesdiás → Sports field → Festetics outlook tower → Gyenesdiás → Vonyarcvashegy → Balatongyörök → Büdöskút → Keszthely → Hévíz
Distance: 38 km
Difficulty information: with numerous uphills and forest sections

Hévíz → Alsópáhok→ Sármellék → Zalavár → Small Balaton → Esztergályhorváti → Zalaapáti → Szentgyörgyvár → Alsópáhok → Hévíz
Distance: 40 km
Difficulty information: medium difficulty

Hévíz → Keszthely → Gyenesdiás → Vonyarcvashegy → Szent Mihály kápolna (Saint Micheal Chapel) → Balatongyörök → Szép outlook tower → Africa Museum → Hévíz
Distance: 40 km
Difficulty information: flat almost all way long

Hévíz → Cserszegtomaj → Várvölgy → Kő orra → Vállus → Cserszegtomaj → Hévíz
Distance: 48 km
Difficulty information: difficult route with uphills


Hop on Hop off regional shuttle bus – Badacsony

With the Badacsony Regional Bus fare you can definitely visit one of the most beautiful lands of the world.

Régiós busz

You can enjoy the beauty of the land without concentrating on driving and get know the treasures of the area across 10 locations, in a 50km long way.

You can wander all over the recommended way or you can interrupt it, and travel onward to the next stop which has attracted your attention. You can visit the outstanding winehouses, cellars, restaurant, and sights of the Badacsony Region.

The time-table of the bus guarantees you to spent nearly two hours on the chosen destination, because the bus arrives there two hours later and you can travel on it to the next stop where another experience awaits.

On the bus the hostess greats and informates the guests, presenting the treasures of the locations, the actual events and the services at each bus stops.

 We are waiting for you in the Badacsony Region! Explore the wonders of the land! 

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